Sell your Things

We have a great little shop at Mill Farm Retail Village in the heart of the Teme Valley. This allows us to show items at their best and create a unique and interesting store. We invest in social media activity to help promote our preloved items in what has become a throw away society, we believe most things can be put to good use, not always in the way they were intended.

What to do if you have an item/s you'd like to sell


Step 1 - contact us via this site or our facebook page or text or wattsapp or whatever way you choose, letting us have a bit of context, history and some ££ expectations.

Step 2 - We will confirm within 24 hours wether we believe we can help, or not, by selling it for you or buying it from you and a ££ confirmation.

Step 3 - Bring the item into the store cleaned and ready for putting on display, we will price it up add it to our displays and share it on social media.

Step 4 - you get paid.


Now, we are not in the business of house clearance, therefore we will not rollup in van and ask you to pay us £50 to take it all away.

If an item is of interest to us we may offer to buy it from you, at a price that may well be below your expectations. It may need work, there may be loads of them around, it may not quite fit us, it may be just what we are looking for. We will always be fair with you.

It may be we dont want to buy it, it could be a slow mover in our opinion, need a lot of work, be the wrong design etc but we'd be happy to have in the store for up to 3 months to give it a chance. If it sells we both win, if not you take it back and try facebook, ebay etc yourself, upcycle it, paint it, chop it up for firewood (it is yours after all) 

It may be that we just dont want it, its nothing personal, but a Billy bookcase is just not our thing. 

Either way do get in touch if you have something of interest, you never know?